The 1st fuel injection model in the market for optimum performance and maximized fuel economy.



Engine Heat Guard

The headlight reflector size is increased by 100% from the previous model for better visibility in dark environments. 

Refined Intake and Exhaust System

By refining the intake and exhaust system to reduce engine mechanical losses, the Suzuki Smash Fi115 engine is designed for excellent fuel consumption performance.

Newly Designed Engine

Greatly increased power output enables the use of higher gear reduction ratios.

This helps increase fuel economy without sacrificing acceleration performance.


Combines High Output and Low Fuel Consumption 

Low fuel consumption (Km/Liter)
High power output (6.9 KW)
Strongest 113cc engine
Light weight
Adheres to EURO 2
Measurement standards

?113 cc 4 cycle engine equipped with automatic centrifugal force clutch?

Lighter and More Compact Engine 

Extensive weight reduction measures has resulted in a lighter and more compact engine with considerable fuel economy benefits.

?Yellow color shaped sections are FW110 Engine.

Valve Rocker Arm with Roller Bearing 

The Suzuki Smash Fi engine utilizes Valve Rocker Arms with Roller Bearings to reduce mechanical friction loss and improve efficiency.


 Lower Piston Weight

Piston pin diameter reduced from 14mm to 13mm to compared with FW model.

Piston height reduced from 42.4mm to 37.35mm reducing piston weight by approximately 12%.

This achieves considerable reduction in mechanical friction losses.

Newly Designed Frame and Swing Arm 

The new frame design uses square section pipes to combine weight reduction with high rigidity, cutting weight by approximately 2.0 kg.

Bigger & Brighter Headlamp 

The headlight reflector size is increased by 100% from the previous model for better visibility in dark environments.

?Yellow colored section is previous headlight lens.


 Larger Utility Box

A larger utility box with 8 litres of storage space and a 5kg weight limit will be welcomed by the riders.

Shutter Key 

An engine heat shield protects the rider against accidental contact with the hot engine.

Weight Saving & Environment Friendly Muffler 

 Muffler has catalyst to reduce exhaust emissions. Saves weight, reduces exhaust noise and satisfies EURO II emissions standards.



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