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Suzuki Warranty

Here's how to use your Exclusive Suzuki 12-month / 10,000 km Warranty

  • Your motorcycle must be serviced regularly by an authorized Suzuki distributor at 1,000 km, 3,000 km and every routine service (please refer to the Owner's Manual) thereafter. The first 1,000 km and 3,000 km service will be performed free of charge. All subsequent services will be performed at normal shop rates.
  • For your free 1,000 and 3,000 k.m. services, use the Free Service Coupons attached to this Warranty booklet. You must present one of these coupons to the Suzuki distributor for each free service.
  • For fastest service by your Suzuki distributor, always present your Suzuki Warranty booklet and Free Service coupon. For service to be credited to the Warranty booklet, the customer must correctly complete each Free Service Coupon.The dealer, in signing the card attests to the mileage figure shown, and to completion of the required service.
  • Always follow operating, service and fuel mixture instructions as outlined in your owner's manual.
  • Warranty covers only factory defects in workmanship and materials and does not include abuse or " normal wear and tear".
  • Treat your new Suzuki as the fine piece of equipment.

Suzuki 12-Month / 10,000 K.M. Warranty

THE SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION (SUZUKI) warrants all parts of new SUZUKI motorcycles or motorbikes and all subsequently installed new SUZUKI manufactured replacement parts as shall under normal use and service appear to have been defective in workmanship or material, under the following terms and conditions:

  • Warranty. Suzuki will at its option replace in exchange or cause to be repaired the following parts: cylinder head; cylinder (excepting piston seizure); front fork (excepting seals); frame; carburetor; fuel tank; handlebars; exhaust system; engine case and internal parts; transmission case and internal parts (excepting manual clutch); plastic components; rear fork and suspension units (excepting seals); fenders; front and rear axle wheel hubs and bearings; proven to its satisfaction to be defective in workmanship or material within 12 months or 10,000 k.m. (whichever occurs first) from purchase date of a new SUZUKI machine or installation of a new part as the case may be, if at that time such motorcycle or part is owned by the original owner or subsequent owner under conditions as set forth in paragraph 6 below and has been serviced at 1,000 and 3,000 k.m. as set forth in paragraph 2 below; been used in accordance with all instructions and been serviced in accordance with all service requirements. All parts not listed above are warranted against defective material or workmanship for a period of 30 days from purchase date or 2,000 k.m. whichever comes first.
  • Service Checks. 1,000 & 3,000 k.m. service checks as described on the following pages, are to be made and will be performed at no charge by any authorized SUZUKI distributor to the original owner or subsequent owner under condition as set forth in paragraph 6 below. Each subsequent service check will be charged at the distributor normal shop rate.
  • Registration. A correctly completed SUZUKI warranty registration card must be forwarded to SUZUKI ASSEMBLERS MALAYSIA SDN BHD within 10 days from date of purchase.
  • Alterations and Misuse. This warranty does not extend to motorcycles whose manufacturer's serial number has been altered or removed or in which parts not supplied or approved by SUZUKI have been used, nor does it extend to any defects or damage appearing after misuse, neglect, an accident, abnormal stress or strain, normal deterioration of soft trim and appearance due to wear and exposure, or the incorporation of or affixing of unsuitable attachments or parts all or which in particular without limitations is understood to include: (a) renting; (b) any form of competition; (c) adaptation or alteration of any part or parts after leaving the SUZUKI factory; (d) attachment of a sidecar in a manner not approved by SUZUKI; and (e) service performed by anyone other than an authorized SUZUKI dealer.
  • Limitation of Liability and Warranties. There are no warranties SUZUKI or any of its dealers which extend beyond the description on the face hereof and SUZUKI shall not be liable for consequential damage claims to person or property, SUZUKI is not responsible to any purchaser for any undertaking representation or warranty made by dealers selling its products beyond those herein expressed, and all other conditions and warranties statutory or otherwise whether expressed or implied are hereby disavowed and excluded and no guarantee other than that expressly herein contained applies to the machine to which this guarantee relates or any accessory or part hereof.
  • The unused portion of this warranty may be reissued by SUZUKI to a subsequent owner provided that the motorcycle has been traded or sold to an authorized SUZUKI distributor, and resold by him. Such remaining warranty to be effective must be reissued to the new owner directly by SUZUKI.